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Led by Lisbet Newton (Marquez), a seasoned marketing consultant with a love for helping small businesses grow, we're more than just a marketing agency. We're your strategic partner, dedicated to fueling your business with innovative marketing strategies tailored to your unique needs. With a blend of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge techniques, we're here to help you navigate the dynamic digital landscape. Stay tuned to discover how Lis Marketing can ignite your business potential.

At Lis Marketing, we leverage our wealth of experience and industry knowledge to deliver bespoke marketing strategies that align with the unique needs of our clients.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Crafting engaging content such as blogs, articles, e-books, and video content

Optimizing Google Business Profiles (both one-time and monthly)

Implementing Pay per Click Ads (PPC) on Google and social media platforms

Our commitment is to partner with you, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of digital marketing to fuel the growth of your business. Remember, your success is our success!


About Lisbet Newton

Welcome to Lis Marketing, your trusted partner in driving business growth. We are a passionate team of marketing professionals, dedicated to fueling your success through our comprehensive suite of services.

Meet Lisbet Newton (Lisbet Marquez), a passionate Marketing Advisor dedicated to empowering small business owners. With a deep understanding of the challenges they face, Lisbet believes in the transformative power of strategic marketing to help them thrive in a competitive landscape. Her mission? To provide personalized, innovative solutions that drive real results and propel small businesses toward success. Lisbet's commitment stems from her belief that every entrepreneur deserves a chance to shine and make their mark in the world.

At Lis Marketing, we're not just about achieving results; we're about exceeding expectations. Let us fuel your business success.

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Our range of digital marketing services is designed to boost conversions and drive revenue growth. We also build scroll-stopping websites.

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